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The First Week is FREE! New Members can sign up for a 1 Week Free Trial. That is 3 classes for FREE! New Members get 30% off their 1st month of membership or package when they sign up by October 30, 2019! 

The Fitness Department welcomes Adults to participate in our Outdoor Fitness Classes. Our classes focus on building Strength, Balance & Community.



Resistance training prevents a decline in muscle mass. Building strong muscles increases reaction time and promotes muscle endurance.


Flexible muscles and joints reduce tense, stiff, and painful bodies. Classes incorporate flexibility exercises and stretching segments. A flexible body is an asset against injury.


The essence of our classes is building relationships and community. We are like minded and encouraging individuals who are pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

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My summary is that this is a 5 out of 5-star class and instructor. I thought I’d come once a week and use the workout as an addition to my usual exercise, but still go to the gym for strength training. Instead, I started using this class for all strength training, because it’s that good…….


“Love this outdoor fitness class!…….I look forward to this workout each time.”


“I highly recommend this fitness class! Jenny is so knowledgeable, and helps each person adapt exercises to their individual ability……”


“Jenny is fun, friendly and completely non-judgemental! She offers ability-appropriate training that challenges you to improve, no matter what your starting point…..”


Positive encouragement from instructor…….She clearly has a passion to help others attain their personal goals!

member benefits

Training designed by Certified and Degreed expert in Kinesiology

Workouts are designed with modifications and safety in mind

Exercising outside in a natural environment

Diet and nutrition recommendations

Friendly community and relationships

Positive accountability to encourage a healthy lifestyle


















 As part of our FREE TRIAL for New Members, classes are FREE for 1 WEEK. No commitment to join. That is 3 classes for FREE! 


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