Zoom Online Fitness Membership

$25.00 every 2 weeks

  • Zoom Online Fitness Class Membership (2 Weeks)
  • Unlimited classes
  • Less than $5 per class
  • This membership will automatically renew, every 2 weeks.
  • Cancel this membership at anytime, with 3 days written advanced notice to The Fitness Department before the end of the 2 week membership.
  • All classes are on Drop-In basis. This means you can attend any fitness class, without registering for each class.
  • Zoom Online Class Schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 8:30am-9:15am

Next Steps:

  1. After you have completed Sign Up, The Fitness Department will email you a Waiver & Zoom instructions.
  2. Sign the Waiver and submit it to The Fitness Department.
  3. Create a Zoom account.
  4. The Fitness Department will send you an email each MWF morning at 8:25am with the Zoom class link. Click the link. Workout with Jenny & the class = Have Fun!!! 🙂