I highly recommend this fitness class! Jenny is so knowledgeable, and helps each person adapt exercises to their individual ability.  I loved the variety of exercises Jenny selected each session, and being outdoors was amazing.  The community of the group is an added bonus.  Definitely give this class a try!”

Kara L.

“Love this outdoor fitness class! The variety of exercises are great, and Jenny is a friendly and knowledgeable instructor. This time slot works perfectly for me. I look forward to this workout each time.”

Jeff P.

“Clear instructions and suggestions to adapt exercises to specific abilities/age. Positive encouragement from instructor. Great variety of exercises each session. Like the long stretching parts; important for any age! She clearly has a passion to help others attain their personal goals!”

Lizbeth N.

“Jenny is fun, friendly and completely nonjudgemental! She offers ability appropriate training that challenges you to improve, no matter what your starting point. I felt that I was pushed to go further in a way that was safe and healthy, including lots of stretching. Jenny has great experience and training – she knows what she’s doing!”

Annette P.

My summary is that this is a 5 out of 5-star class and instructor. I thought I’d come once a week and use the workout as an addition to my usual exercise, but still go to the gym for strength training. Instead, I started using this class for all strength training, because it’s that good. Routines vary, but there’s an aerobic warm-up, followed by a more focused strength workout, and then flexibility/stretching towards the end. Balance and agility are incorporated in many of the exercises. The strength workout uses minimal equipment and is thorough.  All ability levels are respected, with Jenny advising modifications to exercises, or alternative exercises. I have seen *zero* shaming. We’ve started talking about nutrition, with the emphasis on becoming more informed about what we eat, not any sort of ‘diet’. Jenny also knows that social connections are part of being healthy and happy, and she maintains a friendly atmosphere. We know each other’s names, and that is by design, with a “walk and talk” warm-up. You can chat before and after class, but it’s low pressure – not a “stand here and tell us about yourself” thing. It’s an hour of class, a real workout (you will sweat!) but has been near perfect at leaving me with energy after class for the rest of the day.

Bowie S.

“Jenny is an excellent and motivating instructor! She keeps us busy during class and is always available for help and suggestions. I appreciate having various levels of modifications for each exercise, so I can do what’s best for me. The classes are great!”

Stephanie B.

“I love The Fitness Department. This class is led by Jenny M. She is a fabulous teacher. She is so enthusiastic and motivating. The class is designed so that all participants feel comfortable, no matter what their fitness level. If a participant had a particular injury or physical problem, there would always be a modified exercise available. There was always a good warmup activity followed by a cardio activity. Each day the cardio exercise changed to make it more interesting. Then there would be strength exercises for the upper body, core, and legs. It would include activities that worked on agility and balance. At the end of the class, there was time to do many different stretching exercises. I highly recommend this class if you have a desire to get in better shape.”

Rod C.

“I highly recommend this outdoor fitness class for adults. I’m in my 60s and had not participated in a group fitness class for a few years when I found this class. Jenny, the instructor, is a warm, welcoming person who manages to give each of us (all different ages, sizes and fitness levels) a good workout. She knows how to adapt workouts for each level and is able to communicate and help in a kind, non intimidating way. Each session starts with a warm-up and then proceeds to cardio, strength training, balance and stretching. By the end of the class you feel energized and ready for your day. I always look forward to this class. I highly recommend!”

Linda L.

“I love this exercise class! Jenny is a great instructor. She is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. Each class is different so it doesn’t get boring and she plans our workouts so that various muscle groups get worked during the week. The way she pairs exercises, I get a great workout in without feeling like I’m overdoing it. The hour goes fast and I enjoy it, rather than dreading it. She gives modifications to each exercise if needed based on ability and physical limitations. She also includes balance exercises and stretching. I also like that she encourages us in nutrition and healthy lifestyle ideas without shaming, judging, or forcing it on you. Additionally, it’s been fun to get to know the other people in the class. Great program!”

Rochelle G.

“I had the good fortune to attend The Fitness Departments’ Grand Opening in 2019. The leader, Jenny, was extremely competent and personable. She assessed everyone’s ability and led us through our exercises, making sure we were using the correct form. Jenny adjusted the exercise when needed, individually. Being one of the older participants and actually not doing exercise before (except for walking), I do feel a bit more limber and able to get up from the ground.”

Angela W. 

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